Clelia Hill

Clelia and her three brothers were born and raised in Mexico City. She and her husband have a four-year-old son and a baby on the way.

Clelia Hill has mastered the art of winning awards. At Wells Fargo she garnered the “Best Coach” “WOW Customer Service Top Notch Satisfaction” “Exceeding Goals” “Employee Retention” and “Client Base Retention” Awards.

Mrs. Hill’s volunteer statistics look much like her awards history. She does the following to make a difference in her community:

  • Volunteers to create health awareness for children
  • Volunteers/sponsors the Hispanic Chamber of Commerce
  • Volunteers in races to raise money for cancer patients
  • Volunteers to feed the homeless & donates clothes and other items
  • Raises money to buy toys for kids

“I have lived in Austin for 13 years. I am very passionate about helping people find their dream home. I always put my clients’ interest before my own. I am all about client satisfaction and I always keep my promises. My personal goal is to eventually create a non-profit organization to provide shelter for homeless kids who then get placed with families who are able to care for them.”

Clelia Hill
(512) 394-8155 Ext.301

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