Jaye Burns

There was never a dull moment in Jaye’s blended household growing up. With three brothers and two sisters, the home was always filled with lots of children and activities. Jaye’s father served in the Army National Guard for 23 years and was gone a lot.

“I became a Navy wife and my husband and I moved several times. During that time, it was important to me to find the perfect home. The best part about moving, the one I enjoyed the most, was the getting settled in part and the newness of everything.  After I unpacked and decorated, I would focus on our surroundings, which always felt like an adventure. I love meeting people from various parts of the country, so it goes without saying that I can relate to both new home buyers and sellers due to my personal experiences with moving.”

That relatable quality has helped Jaye move up the ladder quickly at Grace Realty. People magnetize to Ms. Burns, who is a native Georgia transplant.  She has a passion for people and loves helping them become new homeowners.

Her prior position at Hilton Hotels Corporation earned her a “Commitment to Excellence” Award prior to becoming a REALTOR with Grace Realty.

Ms. Burns and her boys, Jaylin (10) and Josiah (2) are happy to live in the Austin, Texas area where opportunities and job growth are evident.

Jaye Burns, REALTOR
(512) 394-8155 Ext.302

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